Hauts-de-Seine Confidential

The Hauts-de-Seine noir novel

Category Investigation
Duration 60 min
Year 2014
The extension of the royal Louvre-Champs Elysées-Arc de Triomphe street at the gates of Paris marks the start of the Hauts-de-Seine area – which developers describe as an “urban laboratory” ready to catapult the country into the future. In this real estate Eldorado, buildable land is as precious as black gold, and skyscrapers pop up like oil rigs to pump hundreds of millions of euros from the ground. It’s the ideal promised land for a band of political adventurers with strong-armed and often expeditious methods. For nearly half a century, this area has been their own private hunting grounds. This is a film about corruption made in France.
Jean-Charles Deniau
Executive producer
Dominique Tibi
Available version
Well-constructed, this documentary shows how, over time, the "cash machine" will be perfected.
Le Monde
A sense of life-saving pedagogy (...). It offers the hallucinating testimony of the local barons (...). The uninhibited Tontons flingueurs, who embody a certain way of looking at politics.

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