Melville, the Last Samourai

Category Art and culture
Duration 52 min
Year 2020
Approaching the 50th anniversary of the cult movie Le Cercle rouge in 2020, this documentary relates the life of a French lm director who has become iconic. Master of the Polar, father of the French New Wave, Jean-Pierre Melville appears today as a visionary of whom some of the greatest directors from Hollywood or Asia, claim to be. Film extracts, private archives and backstage footage make up a story where reality and action intertwine and merge, as the filmmaker’s work is haunted by the existence of the man. A scenario of which he will finally be the one and only true hero. With: Volker Schlöndorff, Taylor Hackford, Alain Delon, and Rémi Grumbach.
Cyril Leuthy
Executive producer
Dominique Tibi
Cathy Palumbo
Versions available
"Melville, le dernier samouraï", maître du polar français et américanophile.
Le Monde
"Melville : le dernier samouraï", ombre portée.
Le Nouvel Obs
Coup de chapeau à Jean-Pierre Melville sur Arte. Autodidacte, obsessionnel, misanthrope… Cyril Leuthy dresse un magnifique portrait du maître du film noir dont l’œuvre hante toujours le septième art.
Le Figaro

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