The “Pieds-noirs” of Algeria, a French story

Category History
Duration 75 min
Year 2018
When Algeria gained independence in 1962 after a bloody conflict, nearly one million Algerian-based French people were forced into exile. Leaving their hometowns, these men, women and children returned «home» to a land few of them recognized and where they were not welcome. Who were they? What was their life like on the other side of the Mediterranean? What conditions did they face when they returned to metropolitan France, and how did they re-integrate into French society, with more or less difficulty? This lm takes us back to the little-known history of Algerian pieds-noirs, through eyewitness accounts from Algerians, historians and those who had returned to France.
Dominique Tibi
France 2
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France Télévisions
Moving - and often very accurate - testimonies that brilliantly cross interpretations and feelings. Rare and strong archival images as well as shock phrases, which still resonate, make up this burning manifesto that allows us to understand and finally put words to this painful story.
Télé Loisirs
Fifty-six years after the repatriation of the French from Algeria, the word is free and the duty of memory is imposed. A poignant and necessary document.
Télé 7

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