Occupy Germany 1918-1930

Category History
Duration 52 min
Year 2019
This film recounts the occupation of Rhineland and Ruhr by the allied from the end of World War I until the withdrawal of the French troops in 1930. This gripping story is full of tension and dramatic moments: Die Schwarze Schande campaign, the invasion of the Ruhr, the strikes of the German coal-workers and their repression... It is also a key episode of the inter-war years : during this occupation rose German nationalism, that would pave the way for Adolf Hitler’s march to power, but also the first attempts of Franco-German reconciliation (symbolized by Gustav Stresemann and Aristide Briand’s 1926 Nobel Peace Prize), which are the first steps toward European construction. This story will be told mainly from archives, with a few shootings of Rhineland and Ruhr’s actual cities and landscape.
Jérôme Prieur
Dominique Tibi
France 3
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France 3
As fascinating in substance as it is successful in form, this documentary dissects how the occupier in blue uniform, arriving full of rage from a country in ruins to penetrate untouched regions, played with fire to finally lose the battle of propaganda, and then the battle of diplomacy.
Le Monde