Marlon Brando, an Actor Named Desire

Category Art and culture
Duration 90 min and 52 min
Year 2014
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Brando in inflamed the world’s imagination, created archetypes and generated more clichés than any other star with his aura, powerful performances, extravagant beauty, rebel attitude, and a career path that had never been seen before in the history of cinema. He became an icon for youth, revolutionized acting and reached the status of “king of actors.” However, behind the blinding Hollywood star actor hides another persona : the private and secret Brando. Away from the spotlights, his life is a lm noir, a long neurotic walk, an endless self-destructive process. Ten years after his death, this lm draws the novelistic and dark side portrait of a legend, re- tracing the chaotic steps of both the man and the actor against the backdrop of America during the second half of the 20th century.
Philippe Kohly
Executive producer
Dominique Tibi
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This documentary delicately crosses film extracts and tries to shed light on the mystery of his personality.

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