My Lost Russia

Category Travel and discovery
Duration 52 min
Year 2004
Far from the gold of Moscow or St. Petersburg, is the little town of Efremov, detached from reality, and whose name, mysteriously, can hardly be found in any geographical atlas. There, Iossif Pasternak met the dignified farmer Novikov, who embodies all the suffering experienced in this heartland of Russia, and several characters full of strength and revolt. Collectively, these individuals form an interlacing of paradoxical stories and allow us to assess what has changed, what is changing and what will never change in the small town of Efremov and in all of Russia.
Iossif Pasternak
Executive producer
Dominique Tibi
Available versions
This film reveals the plight of a rural Russia, modest, nostalgic for a past whose hardships no one, however, has forgotten.
La vie
Filmed at length, a few Efremov residents recall the harshness of their daily life, their feelings of abandonment, their hopes, at last. From this dereliction comes out an intense poetry.
Les Inrocks
Astonishing portrait gallery in a small provincial town. (...) This film, in spite of everything, makes us love Russia.
Le Monde

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